Swan on the Thames, England
Male Mute Swan, Windsor, England
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Now just who is this person behind all the photography and poetry on this site?

I have had many influences that have helped create the foundation for sayitwithnature.com. I evolved in a multi-cultural upbringing—born in Saint Andrews, Scotland and grew up primarily in New England, New York and London and have been lucky enough to have lived in and travelled to many countries. I have also earned degrees in Anthropology, International Business and Computer Science.

I have worked in a variety of fields such as the media with Agence France Press, Washington D.C., the Financial Times, London, Museology, in Financial Analysis, as a Social Worker for the State of Maryland, U.S.A and as a volunteer caring for animals such as the grey wolf in Maryland and birds in Eton, England--however, I have always fallen back on the photography of nature as a way to keep life balanced, to relax and to feel that strong connection that all humans have with the natural environment.

Having attended secondary school (The Oceanics School) and sail training on Tall Ships through the Norwegian Merchant Marines on sailing vessels (the Statsraad Lehmkuhl) stationed in Bergan, Norway and the Yankee Clipper in Tortola, the Virgin Islands; I was able to have the most wonderful opportunity to experience many countries. Living with native people on the Navaho reservation in Arizona, the Gambia-West Africa, Europe, South and Central America I developed an appreciation for the knowledge I gained from various cultures—especially the variety of ways in which different cultures depend on their natural environment for survival. I found differences across cultures, and above all, the UNITY OF HUMANITY ACROSS ALL CULTURES. Sailing many ocean ways I experienced the amazing biodiversity of our planet on land and at sea. It was within these varied environments that I developed and practised my love of photography.

I have been photographing landscape and wildlife for approximately twenty years as a means to capture and symbolize the beauty and serenity found in the natural world and the human-made landscapes of different cultures.

Sayitwithnature.com strives to be a balanced business. One of the key points in its philosophy is to be socially responsible, that is, to contribute to sustaining our global natural environment as well as to aid in growing a more harmonious world. Contact Details: Zoey Avery email: joannacavery@gmail.com

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